May 11, 2016

Mughal painting for sale- Man and Woman on an Elephant Gouache Painting 10x10

This gouache painting was done on wood. Its now on sale at the etsy shop

It's 10in X 10in X 2In. Perfect for any room. 

Here is a close up of the painting.

It was also showing at the Torpedo Factory for a month in Alexandria, VA.

Jun 16, 2014

Gift Wrapping - DIY

We found this perfect gift for my dad yesterday.
He loves Jackie Chan. We don't usually do gifts in my family but sometimes when you come across the perfect gift I had to get it. Now my dad is gonna have to find a VCR to play this thing.

But if you don't have gift wrappers around or can't find any for your last moment gifts. Here is a simple idea to wrap a gift.

Use a paper bag to wrap the gift.

 Then cut out a card that looks like a tag. Try different shapes. Here are some other ideas.

Use a hole puncher to make a single hole punch.

Write a message and add a decorative border. 

I found this ribbon somewhere and I used it to tie it through the tag and around the gift. 
If you don't have a ribbon, you can use random scrap cloth of colored paper cut out in a long strip then wrap it around like this ribbon in the image below.

Here you have a good and simple gift wrapping idea. You can also draw on the brown paper with different colored markers if you choose.

Happy Father's day!

More Polymer Clay!

A friend of mine was going to throw away these beads but then thought about giving them to me. This happened couple of years ago and I finally found use for them. I can finally say one person's garbage is another person's treasure, or at least I had to use them before my mom threw them out. : /

I used some polymer clay to make this flower. It's super easy to make this, I am sure there is a tutorial somewhere on the internet on how to make this. I remember making these flowers out of  clay in 5th grade in India for decoration on pots.

 Then I made a Jaguar's logo for my brother. It's a bit awkward looking but he liked it.

Jun 4, 2014

Polymer clay experiments

Recently my friend Laura sent me these really cute avocado earrings that she made. I am in love with them!
This creation of hers inspired me to try to do some polymer clay stuff myself. Creating fun things is one of her hobbies along with inspiring people.

you can check out her work on ETSY!
and she also BLOGS! along with attending law school. She is just awesome =)

So here is all the clay. 
I wanted to make something for Alan, a friend of mine who is always baking cakes for us.
His birthday is coming up and he is obsessed with superhero things (stuff that I don't understand).
So I tried to make an Iron Man mask for a keychain.
It was a bit difficult, the light colored clay got dirty from my red stained hands.
Eventually it worked out. It's not so good. But I hope Alan will like it. Let's also hope he doesn't come across this blog anytime before his birthday.

Here is a Volkswagen Bus I created for my uncle. As you can see there is a lot more practice needed, there are so many finger prints on it =/

And here is some mehndi on my hand =) just for fun

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