Jun 16, 2014

Gift Wrapping - DIY

We found this perfect gift for my dad yesterday.
He loves Jackie Chan. We don't usually do gifts in my family but sometimes when you come across the perfect gift I had to get it. Now my dad is gonna have to find a VCR to play this thing.

But if you don't have gift wrappers around or can't find any for your last moment gifts. Here is a simple idea to wrap a gift.

Use a paper bag to wrap the gift.

 Then cut out a card that looks like a tag. Try different shapes. Here are some other ideas.

Use a hole puncher to make a single hole punch.

Write a message and add a decorative border. 

I found this ribbon somewhere and I used it to tie it through the tag and around the gift. 
If you don't have a ribbon, you can use random scrap cloth of colored paper cut out in a long strip then wrap it around like this ribbon in the image below.

Here you have a good and simple gift wrapping idea. You can also draw on the brown paper with different colored markers if you choose.

Happy Father's day!

More Polymer Clay!

A friend of mine was going to throw away these beads but then thought about giving them to me. This happened couple of years ago and I finally found use for them. I can finally say one person's garbage is another person's treasure, or at least I had to use them before my mom threw them out. : /

I used some polymer clay to make this flower. It's super easy to make this, I am sure there is a tutorial somewhere on the internet on how to make this. I remember making these flowers out of  clay in 5th grade in India for decoration on pots.

 Then I made a Jaguar's logo for my brother. It's a bit awkward looking but he liked it.

Jun 4, 2014

Polymer clay experiments

Recently my friend Laura sent me these really cute avocado earrings that she made. I am in love with them!
This creation of hers inspired me to try to do some polymer clay stuff myself. Creating fun things is one of her hobbies along with inspiring people.

you can check out her work on ETSY!
and she also BLOGS! along with attending law school. She is just awesome =)

So here is all the clay. 
I wanted to make something for Alan, a friend of mine who is always baking cakes for us.
His birthday is coming up and he is obsessed with superhero things (stuff that I don't understand).
So I tried to make an Iron Man mask for a keychain.
It was a bit difficult, the light colored clay got dirty from my red stained hands.
Eventually it worked out. It's not so good. But I hope Alan will like it. Let's also hope he doesn't come across this blog anytime before his birthday.

Here is a Volkswagen Bus I created for my uncle. As you can see there is a lot more practice needed, there are so many finger prints on it =/

And here is some mehndi on my hand =) just for fun

Feb 10, 2013

Its been a while

During my break from non-stop maya today I was going through this blog and looked over all the things I had created in the past and written about. Its been 3 and half years since my first post about sewing. 

I used to spend a lot of time on here, thinking, writing, editing the layout and more importantly posting my art work. Some of them were alright, some of them were really bad and some were just a good memory of a moment (such as this one) that kindled this something in me that made me want to share. I am quiet embarrassed to read some of the posts (with grammatical errors and childish thoughts ) or even look at all the silly things I created.

I didn't get a chance to write much over the year of 2012 mainly because I was busy with work, school and preparing a portfolio for grad schools. Also because Tumblr is an easier way to post my art work.
But I miss this place and realize that a very vital part of my life was captured on this blog, a time when I didn't get a chance to doddle, paint, draw or ramble much (since I did science all the time). But whenever I did get a chance, I shared it here.
It motivated me to keep doing better, make this blog 'cooler' and get better.
But I can go back and see how much I have improved even with all the faults in any art or my terrible writing. A visual journal of sort. An open book for everyone to see the struggles an artist goes through on a piece of paper. An artist that find the problem, struggles with it, struggles with it more and more till  one can overcome it and can be content with it. With each piece comes another struggle. Fighting to show these struggles less and less. I am glad I was able to share the things I did. 

Today I create work that is nothing of the sort I shared on this blog. Medical illustration doesn't seem to fit this blog.
But I'll post some stuff that I have been working on for the past few months in grad school, hopefully it fills the quota for last year. 

Here are some patterns I created in my Illustrative Design class last quarter, that were designed for lining of a lab coat.



The test tubes were created in Maya and the cell was created in Illustrator.

This was a t-shirt design for Anthropologie. Even though they dont sell t-shirts, I think this is the type of t-shirt they would sell if they had one.

And here is this awesome bug called Eupholus schoenherri that my friend Sarah took a pic of. I will be making this into an amazing Illustrator project ( I know its going to take forever).


Heart created in Illustrator with heart worms and a sketch on the right for a photoshop assignment.

and this one was done in Illustrator for a mock magazine cover.

There finally I posted something.

Now I will get back to some more animation/maya work. As much as maya is fun it is soo tiring. I am tired. sigh.

Aug 27, 2012

Homemade Yarn Needle

What do you do when you don't have a yarn needle and you are almost done with your knitting project?
I didn't want to drive to a shop to go buy one, so I thought about just making one from a paper clip.
Here are the steps.

you will need a paper clip and a handy tool that has mini pliers built in or real needle-nose pliers.

so you start by unfolding the paper clip.

I think these pics are self-explanatory, I will stop with my 'what to do' gibberish.

and there you have it, a yarn needle. You just saved $1.00 probably ( I dont know how much yarn needles cost )

It works perfectly

and so here is the final product =)


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