Jul 7, 2009

Day 5

This is what happens when there is too much plain surface and permanent markers in my hand!


hjjh said...

This is absolutely amazing.. you inspire me to sketch again... I dont know how you find time, but I guess when you love something it finds you. Very Cool

Nirja said...

Ooo it's Ankoor bhai...=)
you should certainly sketch again and create a blog, because blog are so fun...
and as per finding time, I just don't do things I should be doing and instead do this...=/

Shaila Naik said...

You seem to be experimenting a lot with various media.. keep it up baby.. you are too good.. find time and keep doing things.. they are more relaxing and therapatic then disco and pillow parties

Nirja said...

couldn't agree more Sailufui


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