Aug 26, 2009

Day 11

Permanent markers = Magic markers

Well, the thing is I have no other art supplies here with me. Nothing else, besides few colored pencils, regular markers and ONE black permanent marker ( even that is running out of ink). ='(
This is pure atyaachar done by my parents. I used to sneak paint and brushes in my bag all the time, but this time there was literally no room in car to bring anything.
So I have to find new medium to work with, you know to 'express myself'. Yea yea, I know its all bs.

But, here are the beautiful pair of earrings I received as a birthday gift from the lovely ladies (Neya, Serena and Loma) of 420.

When the sun is down, and the candle is lit, "Echoes: living room concerts" is playing, one is alone and there is a sense of contentedness...this is what one does. =)

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Aug 8, 2009

Day 9

My grandpa's Nigerian 'chappals' he had left here for me to wear. The only problem for me was they were too masculine looking (and they are very uncomfortable at first, it felt like I was wearing those wooden sandals Rushis used to wear when they did immense 'tap' in the Himalayas made out of a block of wood, or what Japanese people wear. after you break into them its the best thing to wear and to slide and twist your knee [again] in). So I just took some Permanent marker AGAIN and made what came to me =)

This was done a while ago, I think this is the first Permanent Marker project.

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Day 8

PIMPED MY WALLET! I had bought this wallet 4 years ago just because it was cheap, never liked the color though. So instead of buying a new wallet, I just decided to give it a new look. =)
Permanent Markers are truly awesome!!! Anyone can create beautiful things, if you even just use few colors.

p.s. if you have ugly or worn out wallets lying around, I can make them colorful for you.

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