Aug 26, 2009

Day 11

Permanent markers = Magic markers

Well, the thing is I have no other art supplies here with me. Nothing else, besides few colored pencils, regular markers and ONE black permanent marker ( even that is running out of ink). ='(
This is pure atyaachar done by my parents. I used to sneak paint and brushes in my bag all the time, but this time there was literally no room in car to bring anything.
So I have to find new medium to work with, you know to 'express myself'. Yea yea, I know its all bs.

But, here are the beautiful pair of earrings I received as a birthday gift from the lovely ladies (Neya, Serena and Loma) of 420.

When the sun is down, and the candle is lit, "Echoes: living room concerts" is playing, one is alone and there is a sense of contentedness...this is what one does. =)

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