Sep 5, 2009

Day 13

~Classroom Doodling~
Freshmen year Philosophy notebook, used it for 2 other classes. This semester will be using it for Political Philosophy. Some things we are just attached to for no reason...


meelas said...

so... do you ever pay attention during class?

Nirja said...

Yes certainly. You know there is music that inspires art, like you just want to do something with what ever you have in your hand and scribble. Thoughts work the same way, they just make me want to scribble. This being a philosophy class was perfect...I used to get lost in what my professor was saying and drawing at the same time. Not all philosophers or books we read were that interesting, but many were amazing.

btw, very cool way to spell your name. At first I was like...who is this, Mela (carnival?!). ^_^

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