Sep 28, 2009

Day 20

Only today,
Sky scrappers.
quest into deep trenches.
Sound across cables.
Better, images across air.
A foot on the Moon.

Infinite number of debates on infinite number of ideas.
Man can do nothing but advertise.
A slab of ego thrown on every creation, every discovery, every idea, every act... We blow ourselves away everyday.

Mountains, deep oceans.
Sound of a thunder.
Image of a sunset.
Man can do nothing but be humbled.
This being the idea of infinite itself.
No creation, no discovery, no idea, no act is touched by even a speck of ego.
I am blown away by this humility every moment.

I am not quiet sure what this is, but I can't help but think about this on my morning jogs as the sun rises. Photograph by my uncle, here is a link to some of his work.


Mark Penn said...

Beautiful. :-)

OSAI Chella said...

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