Nov 4, 2009

Day 24- Adventures to NY

I was alone in NYC for 6 hours running on 3 hours of sleep with unlimited one day use subway pass. And this is what I did...

The first sketch is of Central park (where I saw crazy marathoners from all around the world, best day to be at Central Park and a perfect place to eat PBnJ on a rock).
The next four are from the NY public library, it is an extravagant structure filled with gorgeous chandeliers. Just beautiful.
The last one is of the Lion outside the library...

All I can say is, the best way to explore the city and learn more is to do it alone. I am very happy that my parents (like always) were not there on time and were only 6 hours late. I would have never taken the initiative to do this if I wasn't placed in the situation and I took thorough advantage of it. =)

The story will be up soon.

here is a very cool video of the ING NY Marathon's course for 2009

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