Nov 17, 2009

Day 25

Indian Student Association of Temple (I.S.A.T) does this (mostly horrible) dance show every year. It is composed of dances and few random singers here and there, not doubting the skills of these performing artists, but the show is bad because there is usually technical difficulty and the sound system is terrible. Although the fraternity and sorority rule the show with their strolls to hip-hop music, sometimes we can tap along with few known Bollywood songs. Even the Bollywood songs get annoying, most of them are repeated many times...even with tons of fricken Bollywood movies that come out everyday, people want to dance to the same songs. Usually the dance teams are pretty sweet, one of the good dances I remember. In the end I guess its not THAT bad. I mean we can at least get a laugh out when someone walks off the stage because they don't remember the steps to the dance. (yes, I have seen this and there were only 4 girls to start out with and one of the girls just walked off, it was just a bad bad dance, but funny at the same time)
But unfortunately or fortunately I have been doing the program cover for the shows...I mean I enjoy doing them so I guess it is fortunately. =)

watercolor, acrylic, marker on paper 11/16/09

This year, I wanted to do something better than what I have been doing for last couple of years.
Watercolor is not as bad/hard to control as I thought it'd be. I made this at work, I hope I don't get fired for just setting up an art studio in a computer lab. I have already gotten a warning indirectly for doing too much school work instead of paying attention to what is going on in the lab. People on Facebook dont get yelled at but you know people who are trying to understand Physics do.
(I think the title doesn't make any sense, Sanskar means value/culture in a person...I mean...the name should be like Sanskruti (to make it relate to culture) or something. and Taste of India sounds very cliche and reminds me of the restaurant NY, it gives an image of food and not dance...yes the title is kind of annoying. I am actually very annoyed about them using a pretty Sanskrit word in the wrong place and wrong context.)

marker and pen on paper

This one is inspired by the board game 'LIFE'. Because the show's name was Zindagi which means Life. I incorporated hints on Temple University (the bell tower on the right, the random skinny jeans bikers, the Bhangra team next to the bell towers, you can also see a student wearing cap and gown and and saving the best for last, you can see the lady in the car holding 'diamond dollar' the fake money of Temple...hehe I thought it was pretty smart). Also, the journey of all the Desis from the motherland to here, I made the Taj Mahal on the left corner and the the lady in the sari waving goodbye is supposed to be air hostess or the boat hostess whatever you like. I wish I had more time to color this, it would have looked sooooo much better. We can clearly see I had stolen some Ideas, but here is the original.

marker, pen on paper

This one was just lame, I had no idea what I was Though the way I wrote 2007 looks pretty cool I think.

I miss Parth's crazy 'Jadoo' dances, and Pooja on Agni.


laura said...

i loved when she ran off the stage.

DS said...

nice elephant, keep drawing. screw lab

Nirja said...

I wish =)

Kyle said...

Great Read


Nirja said...


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