Dec 21, 2009

Day 27

Coffee Filter provided by Matt Williams

Marker and watercolor. 12/20/09

More Coffee Filter Art

Now accepting any sort of coffee filter (used/new/partially ripped/smelly/burnt/decaf/hazelnut flavored/) donation. just kidding. well if you are going to throw them away then I will certainly take them.


timsy said...

i just loved it....
its too good..

Nirja said...

Timsy, Happy Belated Birthday.
I wish I would have been there with you to celebrate it... <3 miss you tons.

Palak said...

It reminds me of the Tree of Languages. :)

chitrank upadhyay said...

I love your Kala..

naveen said...

happy christmas

Nirja said...

Palak- dont tell me its the tree from avatar?

Thanks Chitrank!

Merry Christmas Naveen.

Lumi 9 Painting said...

What kind of marker do you use? Do you have any info or suggestions on lightfastness?

Oh yeah, and the Matt Williams coffee filter is cool.

Nirja said...

I use regular markers or sharpies (but sharpies tend to bleed on the filters) and just ink pens. Well I don't know much about lighfastness, but I am sure these would loose its vibrancy in the sunlight, especially because of the watercolor.

Thank You so much for stopping by. =)


Shankari said...

First time visitor here. Need I say these are just fab! And congratulations on the store trying to sell these for you. You should have an exhibition to show this art, this is absolutely amazing..

Okay will stop gushing now!!

Nirja Desai said...

Thank you so much Shankari for your appreciation, it means a lot to me.

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