Dec 27, 2009

Day 28

Oil on Canvas. Painted from a Photograph.
Just a tiny bit obsessed with black backgrounds.

Its not that big. I like the floor, cheap easel that makes stand is lying in the corner. Expensive easels that allow you to sit, can't afford.

Cleaning the black from the paint brush was a mess. I have used black occasionally (Ms. La Due's advise) in my previous paintings but this one required a lot of black for the sharp contrast. I made more mess cleaning up than making the mess itself (if this makes any sense). Definitely ruined the most comfortable jeans ever. =(
Ok I think I am going to crash now. Super exhausted!!!


Shaila Naik said...

The tulips are great, You are really amazing. Keep it up

laura said...

i think the contrast looks great. black's a scary color to paint with but you did a beautiful job.

Haddock said...

Nice creations.

neel said...

Black background is nice, brings out all the colors. Nice and bright!!

Nirja said...

Thanks guys!

Bitesizedd Animal Crackers said...

Love the paintings! Great blog.

Rajaa said...

lovely paintings....great work

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