Dec 5, 2009

Some art it is...

On usual days, I wake up to beautiful Sunrise =)
Today the Sun was hiding behind the clouds.
But, I saw a more beautiful thing as I walked outside my appt.
A piece of art that a drunk probably created last night and if a pothead, who might call himself an artist, were to pass by would pick it up and place it in some art museum calling this broken exit sign a piece of modern art.
That artist might call this thing, 'The Agony OF the Ecstasy', truly expressing the feelings of how a human(under the influence) feels when the exit sign/journey after life/life towards the end has been cut short due to drugs, or something on that line. I am just making this up...
I am sure there is someone out there who would curate a stupid show with broken exit signs and probably make a lot of money. I mean whatever, but for now my hallway is more than a hallway, its where all the bad art meets. And I get to admire it every time I open the door to leave 533.

Another piece of art I saw, was a blown up 'something' (it was not a balloon for sure), tied on someones door with food all around it. But by the time I got back to take a picture of it, it was gone. They must have heard Amanda and I screaming outside their door in shock.

Luckily, I slept through all the mayhem that happened last night.
The joys of living at Kardon ^_^
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