Feb 12, 2010

Day 35

There is a T-shirt competition in memory of a late professor in the Fox Business School.
The subject was Owl and was restricted to only one color.

My design isn't up yet, but it should be up by Sunday. DO VOTE FOR ME!! (whether you like it or not) when the system is up and running.

I made a masquerade mask/Owl eyes, not quiet sure what it is.

Some of the other designs are neat, simple and cute. and there are couple that are totally stolen from Google images (I saw them when I was researching), not cool.

Feb 11, 2010

Day 34

My rendition of Gustav Klimt's "Expectation"

The bag has black and pink ribbon print on it and I didn't like it at all, you can still see the hot pink, barf. So I flipped it inside out painted on it and made use of the snow day (well I could have certainly studied).

Feb 10, 2010

Day 33

Snow day it is!!! WOo HOo!!

Made by Amanda, painted by me.

I have couple other projects in mind for this wonderful snowy day tomorrow, besides the scientific drawings I need to make soon. I am having hard time figuring out what is the best medium to use for scientific drawings for a professor.

and need to STUDY! and get back to Running.

Feb 6, 2010

Day 32

Old shoes were getting boring.

it looks a little childish from the back with red every where, but oh well! I didn't have any other color besides Red and Gold.

found a video with Amanda and I doing Bhangra moves on Youtube.

A request...

For the one living in Kuwait...

I had made this in 8th grade, I don't know if I had ever emailed it to you. It is not even a little close to the beautiful face of yours.

Feb 1, 2010

Day 31

An experiment. A friend has been bugging me to make an Etsy account for the longest time. I don't think anything sells that way, but I decided to give it a try. so I have a print for sale for $15 (I think its a lot, but we'll see).

I think all of this art business takes a lot of time, dedicated people make it in this world. You know promoting oneself, which I don't know how to do. Like for example I know no one reads this blog except my aunt (who gets an email every time I post one, whom I admire dearly so certainly did not hesitate to add her to the list of 'send emails' when new posts are added etc.).

I mean it's not like I really want to sell anything, I just want to see how it goes (to see if non-exceptional students can make it or not, well my mom thinks only exceptional kids can do something with art)

rant rant rant, yes I am good at it.

Well hope you are doing well Sailufui! Love you.

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