Feb 10, 2010

Day 33

Snow day it is!!! WOo HOo!!

Made by Amanda, painted by me.

I have couple other projects in mind for this wonderful snowy day tomorrow, besides the scientific drawings I need to make soon. I am having hard time figuring out what is the best medium to use for scientific drawings for a professor.

and need to STUDY! and get back to Running.


chitrank upadhyay said...

thanks.. yeah? that's cool.. most people don't even know it exists..
cool shoes, by the way.. and how did you make this thing? the leaf or flower or what? :)

Nirja said...

My room mate made it, its clay that air dries. I guess its a paisley (like those designs in mehndi, in gujarati its called 'keri' meaning mango, no idea what its called in hindi).

and I <3 Doors (some of their music)

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