Mar 9, 2010

Day 36

Design for Pakistani Student Association. I am learning to make this blog anti-piracy. 
This design was inspired from an architecture design. Hand drawn, then scanned.

My favorite song of the moment.

beni beni beni beni beni beni sevdigim beni beni


laura said...

ooh is this the project you were working on? i love it.

Patricia Torres said...


Shaila Naik said...

Hey.. thats a great design.. The black with yellow is a striking contrast.. the crecent moon in the centre looks so goo. You have captured the spirit and of teh association so well.. you seemed to have studied their motto before designing.. it looks.. hard work always looks through.. without words.. You have made me proud again.. Love you.

Nirja said...

The design was inspired by this architecture work...

And yes it almost took me half a day, with the symmetry and I had to print a protractor. lol

Lumi 9 Painting said...

Love it.

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