Jun 15, 2010

Coffee Filters on Sale!!!

Viva all things handmade!

My Coffee Filters are on sale at "Square Peg Artery and Salvage"
Do check them out!! $120 each, I get 50% and the shop keeps 50%
I had no clue what they were worth, I thought she was going to say like $15 and I had planned to argue and mark them at $30. But when she told me how much she was thinking, I was like....."haaaaa for realllzzz???"
Well I am not really sure if people are going to buy them at $120. But we'll see =) right now I have butterflies in my stomach from the fact that she thought my stuff can even be sold. ^_^

"Natraja"-pen and marker
"the arabic looking design"- i dont know what else to call it
"Lotus in watercolor"- recently made this while studying...or when I didnt want to study

All three of these are on sale there.

Definitely check out the shop, they have some really neat stuff. Its very close to Rittenhouse Square.
and how awesome is their Logo, a Heart and an artery. Art made straight from heart =)

I had no idea this place existed, one fine day Priya and I were going to the Fine Arts Festival at Rittenhouse square after usual Sunday kendra and we passed this funky art shop. Priya and I exchanged "yeah that looks cool, lets go in" looks and we walked in.


laura said...

WOAH! I'm going to have to go check them out.

Lekhs said...

Thats really cool!! I wish I could go and take a look. we are going together when i get back

Nirja Desai said...

Yes, we shall go =)

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