Jun 9, 2010

Day 39

Adventures through South Street sometimes get you cigar boxes for a $1.
So what do you do with it?
Make a Jewelry case.
Or a portable palette. But for now its a Jewelry case.

Books that library throw out and I collect them

glued pages from the book

done with glueing
design with brown, green and gold permanent marker
glued ribbon for easy opening of the box
horse carriage drawn in gold and then sprayed with glazing spray paint
side view
The finished product

finally my jewelry can sit calmly in this organizer.
I have made cardboard compartments on the inside but they look pretty crappy, I need to trim and paint them.


laura said...

nirja! this is beautiful. you're the only person i know who could turn something that's already beautiful into something better.

Ram said...

looking great..:)

Nirja said...

Laura you are too kind of a friend. :)
Waiting for our next bike ride, lets do Kelly Drive at night.

Thanks Ram

clippingimages said...

great ideas !! and you like bananas!

Nirja Desai said...

haha how did you know? and whats wrong with liking bananas?

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