Jul 14, 2010

Day 40

This summer so far has been a big roller coaster ride, with ups and downs. Too many things going on and many big decisions to make. One thing I am looking forward to is being an RA.
Coming school year I will not get to light candles in the residence hall. =( It will be like freshmen year all over again, but with way more responsibility. This time around I will get to yell at drunk kids and write them up for knocking on my door at 3 in the morning, unless its an emergency.
So I was walking around a dollar store and found this electric candle (these are allowed in the residence hall) for well a $1. It was plain white and is made of wax. I tried markers on it directly didn't work. So I painted it with gold acrylic paint and then used permanent marker on it. Oh yeah before the gold I tried spraying it with clear glaze, it wouldn't dry.
The designs are all Thai art inspired.

It looks like a real candle. But it's odorless.

1 comment:

GB said...

very. pretty. I love embellishing stuff... :)

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