Jul 9, 2010

Speaking of rock...

I used to play the drums at one point in my life. If only I had continued. But I chose (or was conditioned for) the more feminine of the artistic fields, fine arts! Not that fine arts is all that feminine, I just had positive feedback from relatives and friends. I was positively reinforced as Skinner would put it (mostly unintentionally, with art supplies and compliments).
No one bought me a better drum set, but I did get old paint brushes and paint from my aunt who was in art school at that time. Also, my other aunt who was a principal would buy me brushes and always tell me sweet things (she still does) that would make me feel like I can do this and give me all those sample books she got from publishing companies. Another aunt took me to Bombay at her place for a week and bought me art books, pastels (so much better than crayons)and took me to my first Christmas party ever(considering this was the first time I was meeting her and I was in 3rd grade).
I am thankful to all those who have been giving me art supplies on various occasions and still do.
1st Birthday
(I think the drum set was gifted to my cousin but I took over on our shared '1st birthday' party, he didn't seem to mind)


Rutul said...

I remember. it was your 1st bday. Bringing back the old memories.

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

How pretty!! I am hosting a CSN giveaway so do stop by ad enter if you are interested.

Nirja Desai said...

Rutulbhai you remember this birthday? I dont remember anything.

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