Aug 23, 2010

Day 46

Existential love

What is it really that we are expected to do in life?
When you do something, no one notices. When you don't do it, the whole world is after you with a sword claiming the person has changed for worse. Maybe they just need a break.
If a man must think about how good is the person he is serving, then the man is not serving. Or if the person will ever remember this act, the man is not serving.
If I have to find good people to serve, what is the point?
Isn't it about selfless love for everyone. Doesn't matter who.
Apparently not. I am expected to find good people to serve.
Don't agree.

Aug 21, 2010

Day 45

Sometimes art is forced from us.

 Glad to be back. Cant wait to go biking again.

We had to do some kind of skit at the end of our training for the closing ceremony. Instead we did this ridonculous rap video. ( "A Milli" by Lil Wayne) Called "Peabody" by the fabulous Peabody Hall staff. (if you have never heard "a milli" go listen to it and then watch our video, Cody did an amazing job of creating the same sound effect)
This is called true creativity. After spending hours and hours at sessions during the day, we spent our night doing this and didn't sleep. It might just be the funniest rap video you have ever seen.
Kerry and I learned we weren't born to be rappers. So we just stood on the side and tried looking gangsta.
so G!

Aug 5, 2010

Day 43

Its been just a little over a year since I started Blogging and like Chai I am addicted to this thing.
Both are sad things.

Anjali-4 years old

Sandhya-2 years old

2 Sisters I baby sat couple of days ago. They asked me if I was Tinker Bell. sooo CUTE!!!!
except when Sandhya peed on the floor and I had to clean it.

I am not that type of person to 'like' things so much that I would go about saying "I want this" as Tyler Durden from Fight Club said, "The things you own end up owning you." 
Even when I saw these shoes on the shelf never thought they would look good. But when I put them on, my eyes popped and I was drooling...such beauty. It makes my ugly feet look attractive. Well this thing cant own me yet because I don't own a pair myself. The love story ends at this picture.

Aug 2, 2010

Day 42

This is how much I love my brother =)
that I draw him when he is sleeping.

and when he is playing video games.
now I need one when he is eating. 
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