Oct 27, 2010

Day 51

This design was in my head since last year and never worked on it. Finally its out on paper, but needs more tweaking. Thinking of placing "SNMA" on the sleeve or back instead of the front side. Colors are not final yet. I have used this "I <3 NY" sign at SO many places. Its getting a little old now. 
Someone asked me yesterday, how do I find time to do random things like this which is essentially not beneficial to me in any way possible. Well, I really don't know how it works. Time and art finds me. But I say is why not do things for the sake of doing them, rather than thinking about what is going to happen. This is not going to help me get a better grade in any class, nor am I going to make my parents happy, nor is anyone ever going to remember I made this shirt. No monetary gain, no recognition/fame can ever replace the feeling of doing things you love to do. Just don't let your skills go to waste.
And there is no such thing as talent.
"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration" - Edison

Oct 24, 2010

Live the idea!

While most of us are struggling every moment to make trivial selfish decissions of life. Some have made it beyond this superficial facade of daily grind.
“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”-Vivekananda
Some are breathing this sentence every day, not for themselves but for others. These are the ideas that flow against the norm. Devoting their life for a different purpose other than themselves.
I was touched when I read the story of a 19 year old going to Nepal to help orphanages independently from the money she had earned babysitting in high school.
People who see change is needed and are working towards it, need more acknowledgment.
This post is for the ones who bring light in other people's lives. I someday want to do the same with art, influence positively and implant possibilities of doing the impossible.
Something I have learned from a very special person, Dadaji, and will keep in my heart all my life. My head will always bow  for the time and effort he has put in to enlighten people's lives and personally my life.

Another interesting project
Neat video.

Oct 14, 2010

Day 50-USNDA Emblem

USNDA-Temple Chapter
T-shirt design, logo for newsletters etc.

Oct 11, 2010

Day 49

Finished. I can't believe Bayan actually trusted me with his macbook. 

Oct 4, 2010

Malgudi Days

I found the title song of the tv show Malgudi Days remade by a band named Nakshatra Uncorporated. I am liking it a lot, very melodic.

Oct 2, 2010

First Friday

Yesterday was First Friday and it was one of the best ones I have been to in the past 3 years. I did a program for my residents and took them to their first 'First Friday'.
At the end of the night we went to this old book store where they had random antique/vintage/trashy/old/rusty items including books, records, painting prints, boxes, and just random things. It is located right next to aka music. At the store I found old books from India such as first edition Vivekanda books from Ramkrishna mission from 1950s, old Indian art history book, first edition R.K. Nayaran 
story books/cartoons, couple of them were about Swami and friends. 'Malgudi Days' has been one of mine and my father's favorite t.v. shows of all times, introduced to me by my father as one his childhood memories. I started loving the show because I used to look at my father as a hero (still do) and wanted to do everything he did, even eat eggplants because they were his favorite. But when I saw the the original stories by Narayan which were then turned into the t.v. show my mouth dropped open. SUCH TREASURE IN PHILADELPHIA!!!!! so freakin random. Then I found this book called "The Tagore Stories" (big fan of Tagore) which has excerpts from his works, conversations and letters. Here is the bigger surprise, today happens to Mahatma Gandhi's 141st birthday and yesterday freakishly I found an article cutout in the Tagore book about Gandhi's 100th birthday being celebrated at University Of Pennsylvania's campus in 1969. How random!!!! It was such a wonderful day yesterday =) I bought all these books and a gorgeous vintage wooden box to keep jewelery. One of my residents found a Renoir charcoal drawing framed print for $10.
This shop is just amazing, messy and unorganized; filled with random collectible old things.
And we saw this old guy improvise 'eleanor rigby' on his acoustic electric guitar accompanied by another old guy playing the electric violin. It was beautiful! How can I forget the purpose of our visit, the art was breathtaking. 
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Happy Birthday to Gandhiji!

"Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well"
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