Oct 27, 2010

Day 51

This design was in my head since last year and never worked on it. Finally its out on paper, but needs more tweaking. Thinking of placing "SNMA" on the sleeve or back instead of the front side. Colors are not final yet. I have used this "I <3 NY" sign at SO many places. Its getting a little old now. 
Someone asked me yesterday, how do I find time to do random things like this which is essentially not beneficial to me in any way possible. Well, I really don't know how it works. Time and art finds me. But I say is why not do things for the sake of doing them, rather than thinking about what is going to happen. This is not going to help me get a better grade in any class, nor am I going to make my parents happy, nor is anyone ever going to remember I made this shirt. No monetary gain, no recognition/fame can ever replace the feeling of doing things you love to do. Just don't let your skills go to waste.
And there is no such thing as talent.
"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration" - Edison

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Lekhs said...

when you do the things you love, you never work a day in your life.
Art is just like that to you. There is no extra effort that needs to be there to do it. It just comes from within without any monetary or extra benefits.

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