Dec 27, 2010

Sheila Sheila...


There is one Sheila who wears her Saree properly and sings beautifully.
Sheila Chandra


And there is this Sheila who seems to have bought the wrong size saree. Is that even possible?!
Sheila ki Jawaani
With a horrible song that is stuck in my head.

Sheila is so lucky. My 100th post is about her.
Happy Blogging!!

Dec 26, 2010

Portfolio Day-6

Been procrastinating. =(
Watercolor and colored pencil on illustration board.
This is almost done, I just don't really want to keep looking at the same thing so I will move on. I will wait till I show it to Ms. La Due and she can help me fix this piece.
Next, a self-portrait. 

Dec 22, 2010

Portfolio Day-3

Finally finished the drawing I started yesterday, it took me soooo long.
Tonight I will start a watercolor piece of boots.

Dec 21, 2010

Portfolio Day-2

This morning I started a drawing of sardine cans, I am still not done. It is taking me so long, must finish it tomorrow morning.
This above is Dora, she agreed to meet me at Panera as my model for the night. I might work with her tomorrow also for an extensive drawing. I haven't seen Dora for more than 4 years now, it was good to see her again. =)

Dec 20, 2010

Portfolio Day-1

First day of drawing. I didn't think I could draw, I thought I had lost the ability. But some how I was able to create this.
Needed to take the rust off.

Dec 12, 2010

Art and Medicine

Few years ago when I was looking up information to write my personal statement to apply to medical schools, I had found this interview of Dr. Therese Southgate, Senior Contributing Editor of JAMA. I recently found it again and would like to share it...
Essentially I think every field is related to one another. Left and Right brain must be used equally. Society in early days worked to become more and more specialized to the extent that today a neurosurgeon has no idea what the orthopedic surgeon's job is. Specialization is needed for best performance, though it is also necessary to have people who are able to bring things together. Our job today has become to incorporate and merge all these fields that were separated so long ago such as Dentistry and Medicine. Same way looking at two extreme sides of the spectrum Art and Medicine are very much alike. Dr. Southgate was a journalist till 28, then decided to pursue medicine for the rest of her life. 
Here is what she has to say...
Portrait of Dr. Samuel D. Gross (The Gross Clinic) by: Thomas Eakins

The question I have been most frequently asked during my years with the JAMA covers is: "Why art on the cover of a medical journal? What has medicine to do with art?"
Let's look at what medicine and art have in common:
First, they share a common goal: to complete what nature has not.
Second, they have a common substrate, the physical, visible world of matter.
More significant, however, are the similar qualities of mind, body, and spirit demanded of the practitioners of each, painter and physician.
Chief among them is an eye: the ability not only to observe, but to observe keenly -- to ferret out the tiny detail from the jumble of facts, lines, colors -- the tiny detail that unlocks a painting or a patient's predicament.
Observation demands attention, and this is the key to both art and medicine. Attention is nothing more than a state of receptiveness toward its object, the artist to nature, the viewer to the work of art, the physician to the patient. It is no accident, I believe, that clinicians -- or treating physicians, as they are often called -- are referred to as "attending physicians." "Attention" and "attend" are both derived from the same Latin root meaning "to stretch toward."
Many more "affinities" exist between medicine and the visual arts, but I will close with just one: Medicine is itself an art. It is an art of doing, and if that is so, it must employ the finest tools available -- not just the finest in science and technology, but the finest in the knowledge, skills, and character of the physician. Truly, medicine, like art, is a calling.
And so I return to the question I asked at the beginning. What has medicine to do with art?
I answer: Everything.
That's my opinion. I am Dr. Therese Southgate, Senior Contributing Editor of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association).
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