Dec 27, 2011

Paul McCormack- demo at National Arts Club

I got to see Paul McCormack do a demo at National Arts Club in New York City in November.
My watercolor professor James Toogood invited me to go see the show that was up and watch his demo.
The way he uses watercolor is much similar to the how an oil painter would paint.

btw, thats his wife!

an hour worth of paint job. He tends to spend a week on portraits like these with 9-10hour work days.
Thats some solid time for a portrait. I have never put in that much time on a piece before. =/

this is one of his oil piece. SO beautiful!

here is small video I took

Occupy Wallstreet, of course!

Dec 26, 2011

Movie Translation

This movie was made by Cameron. It's wonderfully edited. I helped him do some of the translation from Gujarati to English.
The music is just beautiful!

Nov 19, 2011

My amazing opportunity

This is my amazing opportunity. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.
I have learned innumerable things here and met ever more vibrant people.
So much passion that it exhilarates me when I hear some of my teachers talk.
Really the soul of American art, with deep history and known for producing successful American Painters such as Eakins, Robert Henri etc.
I love every moment that I spend there. May it be struggling to get the proportions correct for 2 hours then, finally getting them and not having enough time to finish or painting at 6 in the morning to finish a still life before the actual class come in at 8. Or simply watching other people draw, paint, sculpt and smile as they notice you observing.
All my classes have been wonderful from water color to oil still-life to the color theory.
Sunset from 9th Floor where my locker is.

There is a world out there that studies for the sake of studying.

A new piece that came, I think some of the students are working on them to finish it. Yes its a plane from WWII.

Finally got to see the "Gross Clinic" by Thomas Eakins. Its in the building I have my figure drawing class every Saturday morning.

Close up of "Gross Clinic"

Dr. Gross I think

Painting by Robert Henri (one of the most amazing art philosophy authors)

How beautiful, I GO TO THIS SCHOOL. YEA THIS ONE...freakin amazing.

when they were bringing the plane in

in progress work
"knot" in progress, actually I never finished it lol

gray scale still life

Piece the I made then I had to re-use the clay to work on my full figure sculpture.

Music by Mynta

Song from Brahmaputra by Mynta on Grooveshark

Oct 24, 2011

Day 69

"Taking the trash out"
(Ritual self-portrait without my face)

Photoshop project. Pictures taken by Indhu, thank you mucho.

Yes blogging from class as I am done with this project. But now I will go back and edit my old illustrator project.
It feels great to get on my bike again! Oh how I missed biking in the morning for the past few weeks.
Fall weather is perfect for biking except the runny nose and watery eyes from the wind.

It's a calm and chaotic morning sort of like this song.

Oct 13, 2011

Day 68

My brothers reaction to this was "What the hell?" ( He thinks he is so cool...-_-)
A vector project done on illustrator.

I personally think it turned out pretty well.  
Inspired by Kehinde Wiley's painting.

Thank you Radha for letting me use your computer =)

Kehinde Wiley's paintings are usually of hip-hop singers
Such as this one of "LL Cool J" I saw at the National Portrait Gallery in DC.
I was thinking about how the original image I used in my work (him standing in a very 'dont care about anything' pose) is similar to the style Wiley uses in his paintings. A gesture can convey large amount of information about a person's personality.
In Wiley's painting, he depicted a sort of high class status in the stern look on a larger than life canvas. 
My brother on the other hand is sort of just chilling with his headphones that I gave him in the windows wallpaper background (because he is a geek and is addicted to his ipod)

Forget hip-hop. Here is some nice Niyaz music.

I read Robert Henri's "The Art Spirit" this summer and I can probably read that book over and over again. Every sentence in the book is lyrically attractive and his words leave me in awe every ime.
one great thing I learned from that book: concept of Self-education
He reiterated this 'best education is self-education'
he talked about how this thirst we have to know and learn can only be quenched by ourself.

Now I am reading/trying to read "Thoughts on Art and Life" by Leonardo Da Vinci (did I mention we share birthdays ^_^)

Excerpt from his book, he sort of talks about the same thing Henri does.

"he had searched to find a scientific basis for art, and discovered it in the imitation of nature, based on rational experience. this idea was, in part, Aristotelian, imbibed with the spirit of the time though in the ordinary acceptance of the word Leonardo was no scholar, least of all a humanist. his own innovation in aesthetic was in requiring a rational and critical experience as a necessary foundation, the acquisition of which was to result from the permanent condition of the mind. he had trained his own faculties to critically observe all natural phenomena: first try by experience, and then demonstrate why such experiments is forced to operate in the way it does, was his advice. The eye, he gave as an instance, had been defined as one things: by experience, he had found it to be another."

wow, I certainly didn't think I'd keep up with this when I started 2 years ago.

Oct 11, 2011

Day 67

This is not exactly the final version of the t-shirt design done for Muslim Student Association but its almost the final version. Right now the Illustrator is not co-operating with me regarding this font business. Next time I will post the final version.

So Ms. Prabhakaran  and I started this thing called Radiant Colors (not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but she got this idea of starting a small business with me while eating cereal, yes cereal).
 This T-shirt was designed under Radiant Colors. You can find us on Facebook...yayy woohoo.
Ok I am done. 

I hope you are all doing Awesommeee ^_^ weeee for the fall weather.

Like us on Facebook.

Radiant Colors

Sep 30, 2011

Baby Ninja (Injured)

Baby Ninja (when she was looking fynee)

Baby Ninja (after she got hit by a drunk driver, no human body parts were injured)

When I get a chance I am going to draw her.

But listen to these ridiculous bicycle songs..

Bute the best of all is this last one...


Sep 22, 2011

Day 66

Photograph by Saleem Ahmed

Always wanted to paint this photograph, taken in India by Saleem.

Ok I tried, the drawing isn't so good and watercolor is sooo hard to work with.
No justice done to the original photograph.
You think painting requires patience? Watercolor requires even more patience!!
around 2.5-3 hours of work...
I am learning to get better at watercolor
Ahh hope I create something better in my Friday class.
I will try this in Oils someday.

Watercolors remind me of a beautiful mess like this song...
messy yet vibrant, coordinated yet unexpected
"Beautiful Mess" by Jason Mraz

Sep 18, 2011

Artist Statement!

My life has greatly been influenced by the Vedic way of life that originated in southern Asia. Indian classical music, festivals, values and so on are all a part of this rich culture. It is reflected in the art that I create, from the painting of ‘Diwali’ to the ‘Girl inside the temple’ and even my doodles on used coffee filters. My artwork and vision has been highly influenced by my Indian cultural upbringing with close ties to family.
Essentially artists are mere imitators of nature, the surrounding within and outside. It is the artist who decides what aspect of this greatest creation of all, nature, to illustrate. I desire to portray beauty that is found in simple things and send a positive message about life.
For example, the idea to use used coffee filters as a medium was inspired from the natural pattern created on the coffee filters from coffee brewing.  Some parts were stained, and some were not, in a very random manner, sort of like the different life experiences we all go through. Our life is never plain like a new coffee filter, but always like a used one: stained, used here and there, torn here and every one of them is unique only after it is used. My motive was to make this used coffee filter even more attractive and beautiful, like the way it is our job to make this life beautiful regardless of the stains we are given.

My art, many times is observed and brought to life in oil, water color, pen, sharpie, acrylic, on canvas, paper or used coffee filters. A lot of the work shown here is few years old; recently I completed my Bachelors degree in Biology from Temple University and have been working on improving my skills of drawing from life as I am aspiring to pursue a career in medical illustration.
yataḥ pravṛttir bhūtānāḿ

Chapter 18th of Bhagvad Gita, Verse 46
“The perfection of self-realization is only obtained in perfection from worshipping the Supreme Lord and offering everything one possesses to Him”
I offer my efficiency to him, my art.

Sep 15, 2011


wake up early, bike, class, bike, eat, bike, class, bike more... is what I do all day everyday!
I have been biking a ridiculous amount lately, but can't tell you how much I enjoy it.

Few months till have to go under the knife to get this ACL of mine fixed. So far I dont feel any pain (in terms of it coming in my way of daily life), but my knee is very weak.

So I am trying to soak in all the physical things I can do for the next few month, after december I will be  a little sedentary (hopefully not in my thinking).
Till then trying to take it slow.

What does my ACL have to do with a blog that is about art! Well, look at this gorgeous animation about ACL reconstruction. 

Sep 9, 2011

Day 65

This is the most I have biked in one route! 

and we return after a long break from blogging. 
Blogging is such a good way to keep track of my artistic progress, and a log of all the things I have done.
Introspection is important . To check once in a while where I am, and where do I want to go. 
Artistically I do that by looking at what things have come naturally to me, things that initially used to take frustration and intense thought about what exactly I am doing. 
May people think, painting or drawing is a passive act. To some it can be, if it is reflecting the inner nature and they are using no technique and its all emotion. Such as the random doddles and patterns are I create in class, or when a Buddhist monk creates mandala (though he is in a  100% concentrated stage, opposite of  passive, yet relaxed). But for the most part, drawing and painting from life is all attention requiring and frustrating process. Its about observing, thinking about what you see, then putting that brush stroke down. No random brush stoke will not get you life like work. Even though there is so much frustration involved, the process is extremely rewarding. The feeling of getting a glimpse of what 
 its like to create. The little power of creation that we have is amazing, cant even imagine how the world was created.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up"-Pablo Picasso
Most people cant get past this frustration and stop creating.

Its good to think about where you are at, but at the same time can't get stuck. 
Api chet su-duracharo

I am super duper pumped for all my classes. Watercolor, charcoal, oil, pen and ink and graphite is all that I will be using!
In my computer imaging class we started with this project, where we had to create a pattern from 1'x1' square on a 8'x8' work space.  We are working on Illustrator for now. These are all the patterns I came up with.
Surprised no paisely?

This whole month of  September, my art will be showing at Metropolitan Bakery 
Its a nice-small-cute, place to have my first public exposure.
Artist reception is on the 23rd.
from 6-8:30pm. Stop by!

I have been thinking about my ba a lot recently, I wish she was here.
and at the same time my family in India. Miss you all sooo mucchh!!!

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