Feb 22, 2011

Saanvi's 1st Birthday!

Now look at this...Magic!

The Shah family is so awesome.
Happy Birthday to Saanvi!

Last week was crazy. A dream about my father made me realize how much I love him. Thinking about that dream made me cry. First time in my life I told him I loved him very much and he said the same thing back to me, my heart just melted. No matter how much I disappoint him or not live up to his expectation, he will still love me. He is the only man in my life my head will bow down to. Cannot thank God enough for giving me a wonderful father like him. Going to a family event/saanu's birthday made me realize even more how family is what keeps us running. I owe my everything to them.

Song of the week: "Challa" by Rabbi Shergill

new project: drawing-a-day


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