May 23, 2011

First set of paint

I found paint at home that my aunt had passed it down to me 14-15 years ago. Old paint that she used to use in college. This is how it all started...
Just threw them out!
well, it was all dry

May 10, 2011

Beautiful skull!

I cant stop staring at this carbon dust rendering of the human skull by Dr. Dunham.

May 7, 2011

I think this is art

I was facebook creeping someone and found this beautiful quote by that person...

 "Im just a young man trying to serve God and live the right life. Without God I SUCK!!!"

May 3, 2011


A motif that represents myself! 
Somehow I am always drawn to this pattern at all times. May it be when I do mehndi (obviously), making modern design for a birthday card or doodling. It is so graceful, delicate, represents harvest time and magoes.
In Eastern religion, the two paisleys are reminiscent of the yin-yang, the interaction of two polar energies of which encompasses creation (a befitting motif for the union of marriage).
Ink on my pen will always flow in curves. 

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