Jun 22, 2011

Day 60

All the paintings I have been working on. Some of these are not finished, some are.
Driving back late night today, I learned a friend also likes Don Omar. Yes we had to listen to "Bandoleros" by Don Omar. Can I sing along? YES. Do I know what he is saying? NO.


Rajaa said...

looking nice...we will wait for the completion...

laura said...

a: these are awesome!
b: althought they said i'm a criminal
i give thanks to god for being where i am today
and i'm going to keep lying
and with my bloodshot eyes
with my active cats [which i think has something to do with prostitutes but i'm not sure]
you have given me everything

Nirja Desai said...

Oh =) yaay, Don Omar is so G!!!

I have to tell you something thats really cool and related to this.

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