Jul 26, 2011

Day 64

These painted shoes are becoming popular!
If you want to get your shoes painted please holler at me =)

Indhu wanted some Lotus, so here they are.
Here are Krupa's.
Here are mine.

Ok so don't hate. But I am in love with Rihanna's song "Man Down"
Whatever you say, she is a beast.

Jul 23, 2011

Day 63 continued...

Fancy cocktail party at Johns Hopkins!
I got to learn a great deal from these handful passionate and dedicated medical illustrators from around the country at this meeting

Final product!

I went to give these two items (wine bottle case and this hand painted bag) to Square Peg yesterday but it was closed due to scorching heat!
So I decided to give it a try on Etsy.
Let's see how it goes.

Jul 19, 2011

Day 63

Wine bottle case.

Gesso'd the box!

Music tends to have a huge impact on art, most certainly my art.
This one track by is Mustafa Sandal inspired me to make a Turkish/Moroccan pattern...
I don't know why I picked such a complicated design, it's taking me so long to just draw the darn thing on the box. But this is what I have before I depart for Baltimore =) and network at Johns Hopkins tomorrow.


If you have taken Art History, you should be able to name each of the paintings depicted in the music video.
So creative!

70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L'Ogre on Vimeo.

Jul 5, 2011

Day 62

After having too much chill time at home and doing nothing creative for 5 days, my hands start to itch and head hurts!
So I was walking around Boscovs and found this bag for $3!!!! only $3!!!!
I had to buy it and since it was blank and white, either my sharpie or paint were definitely going to jump on there.

I painted peacock feathers.

Yes, I love peacock feathers!

(look at my super dark-tan-summer-skin)

Some people think I have a bohemian style, maybe by default because I make art or maybe because they actually notice my odd clothes . But the truth is my aunts in India love me too much and send me TONS of clothes. So I usually mix and match them with clothes I buy from here and make them look different =)
Like this pretty desi skirt with the newly painted bag.

Some people even think its funny of me to use ton to south asian motifs (such as peacock feather, paisleys, chai etc..) in my work, or everyday life. Something that people might perceive as a reflection of my descent, true for the most part. But at a certain point after being exposed to million other things your threshold to hold on the base can easily be surpassed. Yes, this culture is in my foundation but I CHOSE to keep it this way and have molded myself towards this culture. 
I am Desi!

Now onto some non-desi things
"Love Song" by 311

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