Jul 23, 2011

Day 63 continued...

Fancy cocktail party at Johns Hopkins!
I got to learn a great deal from these handful passionate and dedicated medical illustrators from around the country at this meeting

Final product!

I went to give these two items (wine bottle case and this hand painted bag) to Square Peg yesterday but it was closed due to scorching heat!
So I decided to give it a try on Etsy.
Let's see how it goes.


MKS said...

woo is the artist...I love the powerful use of colors on the box. Extensive use of of red-pink indicates the passioned calmness, yellow with green inside shows a strong will with a positive attitute and with a purity of white,and that little contrasting blue inside flowers and skyblue on the borders brings in the feeling of warmths and trust. The use of scrap paper not only gives an antique look to the box, but also signifies a laid back sensibility and a sense of belongingness. What a great peice of art!! Hats off to Nirja.

MKS said...

And yes, please don't give it away...if ever you think of getting rid of it, I will be the first buyer :p

Nirja Desai said...

Oh thanks Mahesh, I assume you found me through G! lol

But this piece is for sale at (its a shop near Rittenhouse Square)...You can go buy it there :)

Or if you have a cigarbox/wine bottle case I can pait it.

Thanks for stopping by here!

MKS said...

Nirja, it looks even more beautiful in real than it looks in the pic. Yes, you heard me right! it is in my possession now, and is
shining in my bedroom!!

And yes, I would also love to get a smaller but legendary piece of your art,may be a cigarbox, to keep in my car to add beauty
to the interior.

But how do I reach you?

Nirja Desai said...

WHAT?! did you really buy it?

I should have directly sold it to SquarePeg takes too much commission.

you can email me at

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