Nov 19, 2011

My amazing opportunity

This is my amazing opportunity. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.
I have learned innumerable things here and met ever more vibrant people.
So much passion that it exhilarates me when I hear some of my teachers talk.
Really the soul of American art, with deep history and known for producing successful American Painters such as Eakins, Robert Henri etc.
I love every moment that I spend there. May it be struggling to get the proportions correct for 2 hours then, finally getting them and not having enough time to finish or painting at 6 in the morning to finish a still life before the actual class come in at 8. Or simply watching other people draw, paint, sculpt and smile as they notice you observing.
All my classes have been wonderful from water color to oil still-life to the color theory.
Sunset from 9th Floor where my locker is.

There is a world out there that studies for the sake of studying.

A new piece that came, I think some of the students are working on them to finish it. Yes its a plane from WWII.

Finally got to see the "Gross Clinic" by Thomas Eakins. Its in the building I have my figure drawing class every Saturday morning.

Close up of "Gross Clinic"

Dr. Gross I think

Painting by Robert Henri (one of the most amazing art philosophy authors)

How beautiful, I GO TO THIS SCHOOL. YEA THIS ONE...freakin amazing.

when they were bringing the plane in

in progress work
"knot" in progress, actually I never finished it lol

gray scale still life

Piece the I made then I had to re-use the clay to work on my full figure sculpture.

Music by Mynta

Song from Brahmaputra by Mynta on Grooveshark


laura said...

oh my gosh, i had no idea it was that pretty inside.

Muhammad Zahid Iqbal said...

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Nirja Desai said...

YES it is! If you come visit laura, we can go check it out inside.

Havetoloveart said...

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