Dec 27, 2011

Paul McCormack- demo at National Arts Club

I got to see Paul McCormack do a demo at National Arts Club in New York City in November.
My watercolor professor James Toogood invited me to go see the show that was up and watch his demo.
The way he uses watercolor is much similar to the how an oil painter would paint.

btw, thats his wife!

an hour worth of paint job. He tends to spend a week on portraits like these with 9-10hour work days.
Thats some solid time for a portrait. I have never put in that much time on a piece before. =/

this is one of his oil piece. SO beautiful!

here is small video I took

Occupy Wallstreet, of course!

Dec 26, 2011

Movie Translation

This movie was made by Cameron. It's wonderfully edited. I helped him do some of the translation from Gujarati to English.
The music is just beautiful!
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