Jan 7, 2012

"There is no such thing as talent!"

As a child who is fairly above average in drawing skills or is able to color in crayons well hears all sorts of things from peers and adults. Things ranging from 'ohhh this is wonderful, can you make me something', 'this is great, keep working', or more commonly I have heard 'stop wasting your time and go study'. Or there are many who will say 'you have a great talent'. But is there such thing as talent?
All I have heard from my high school art teacher Ms. La Due is "there is no such thing as talent".
A quote used to hang in her classroom, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration"- Edison, written in calligraphy by her high school art teacher Mr. Musselman. Ms. La Due has learned the mantra of 'practice practice practice' from this calligrapher himself,  who truly believes that talent does not exist.
Morning Call, the local newspaper has written an article about this great gentleman who inspired my art teacher, Ms. La Due; who inspires me.,0,2399520.story

Doodles I found drawn on a paper towel cardboard.  At Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

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