May 8, 2012

Kayuh Bicycles- Banner

A good friend of mine started a bicycle business during his undergrad years at Temple University. His unique business will now be running from this store at 1900 W. Girard Avenue, Philadelphia.
I am very excited for him and wish him best of luck =D
They will be launching a website soon and it looks awesome.
Kayuh Bicycles can be found here for now or here.

Kayuh Bicycles sell refurbished bicycles at a very reasonable price, their initiative to support the environment by recycling bicycles is unique. Their friendly service is the icing on the cake for this whole delicious deal.
If you are looking for a bike in Philadelphia go find KAYUH BICYCLES!
Kayuh Bicycles asked me to make their new temporary logo and design this banner. I was so excited to work for them. Even in this crazy life of 12-14 hour work/school days I wanted to work on it =) Well its rather simple for now, we will be working on a more personalized logo in the future.

here is the picture of the banner and the store

YAAAYY!!! I want to go bike now.

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