May 20, 2012

Krishna Paintings

I was blown away to see a Krishna painting in my Teacher's (Myron Barnstone) studio the other day. Then I found out it was done by an artist named Doug Ball who used to study with Myron 20 some years ago.
Well do you know this super duper famous painting of a scene of Mahabharata in which Krisha and Arjun are depicted in a chariot with the 5 horses?
Yes yes this is the one I am talking about. The one you see above. Yes exactly this one, you have seen it before I know. =)
 WELLL it was done by this artist Doug Ball!!! Who used to study with the same teacher I am studying with!!!!!! How freakin cool is that???!!!!!
Then my teacher told me that he worked for Disney and did background paintings for their animated films.

He did this one as well... where Arjun gets a glimpse of true form of Bhagvaan.

In all of his paintings you see intense emotion that is passed across to you as a viewer. They are all so beautiful and captivating. 

Doug studied the Golden section with Myron and applied it to his paintings. Especially this one...
it is based on one of the golden section rectangles. This is one of the paintings that is hanging in the studio with it are the small value studies that were done before the final piece was painted and some preliminary drawings.

So 20 some years ago a group of Hare Rama Hare Krishna members came to Myron all the way from California to this small town in the middle of nowhere. They came to learn and perfect their skills of design (painting, drawing, etc) so they could make devotional paintings. This was their Bhakti/devotion! They lived at the studio for few years and studied art like they used to in the tapovan system. It is so amazing to me that they devoted their time and energy in perfecting a skill for a purpose not centered around themselves. One of them was a 12 year old girl who my teacher talks about frequently. Her work was brilliant. 
Doug was one of the members who portrayed many parts of Krishna's life through painting.
I personally would like to thank Myron and the group of Hare Rama Hare Krishna painters who devoted their time to such kalaa (art). An art that is so pure and divine; it has helped millions of people feel the energy  , the brilliance,  the radiance and so much more that was experienced by Arjun when Krishna sang the Geeta.

These paintings are one of the first things I think of when I think of Kurukshetra and I am sure this is the case for a lot of people. The image that comes to mind is this!

Here are few links about Doug Ball.

Pariksit Dasa was another name that people knew him by. Here are all the paintings he had done for HRHK

and now he lives in Hawaii.

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wow! it's so real.. Great job! can't wait to see more of your masterpiece..

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