Jun 16, 2014

Gift Wrapping - DIY

We found this perfect gift for my dad yesterday.
He loves Jackie Chan. We don't usually do gifts in my family but sometimes when you come across the perfect gift I had to get it. Now my dad is gonna have to find a VCR to play this thing.

But if you don't have gift wrappers around or can't find any for your last moment gifts. Here is a simple idea to wrap a gift.

Use a paper bag to wrap the gift.

 Then cut out a card that looks like a tag. Try different shapes. Here are some other ideas.

Use a hole puncher to make a single hole punch.

Write a message and add a decorative border. 

I found this ribbon somewhere and I used it to tie it through the tag and around the gift. 
If you don't have a ribbon, you can use random scrap cloth of colored paper cut out in a long strip then wrap it around like this ribbon in the image below.

Here you have a good and simple gift wrapping idea. You can also draw on the brown paper with different colored markers if you choose.

Happy Father's day!

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